VT Foodbank Gleaning Program

Volunteer with the VT Foodbank Gleaning Program!

Click here to visit the Vermont Foodbank’ Gleaning Program website.

What is gleaning?
Gleaning is the act of harvesting excess or unmarketable produce from a farm. The gleaning program at the Vermont Foodbank uses volunteers to glean produce at Vermont farms; the food is then distributed through the Foodbank’s network partners to Vermonters-in-need.

Why we glean
“The United States produces 356 billion pounds of food annually. Of this annual total, 96 billion pounds is lost between production and consumption every year. This translates into 27 percent of the American food supply (Kantor et al. 1997).”  “The 96 billion pounds of wasted food could easily feed the 38 million people considered food-insecure in America (Nord et al. 2004).”

For more information and to get involved, please contact Mike Mrowicki, Brattleboro Area Field Representative for the Vermont Foodbank- 802-498-8353, MMrowicki@vtfoodbank.org.


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