Regional Network

While the Brattleboro Coordinator primarily focuses on the Brattleboro school, being a part of this larger network of Farm to School programs throughout the county and the region is  a great opportunity to learn from others in the area. The May 6th Strengthening Farm and Food Education conference in Brattleboro brought participants from many neighboring schools, most of them already doing a wide variety of innovative activities. We can all learn from each others’ successes and failures. What’s really great is kids from different schools and age levels working together and connecting with more people.

We are providing a brief sampling of some of the other Farm to School activities going on in the Brattleboro area. Hopefully, people from the schools will provide more information, with contact names and photos! Look at the links on the right.

A great example of a regional Farm to School Network is the Upper Valley Farm to School Network. Check out their website for more info. Another great example is Green Mountain Farm to School. The Monadnock Localvores put together this Toolkit of New Hampshire Farm to School activities:


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