Brattleboro Area Middle School

BAMS has just created a school garden!

It has been a great community effort thus far, and we hope to continue that spirit in the moths ahead! Thanks to the time committed by staff and teachers, BAMS is excited to announce the construction of 5 rasied beds 10ft. x 12ft.

Cersosimo Lumber has donated the lumber for the raised beds.  Kevin Myette is donating the hardware and his expertise to put the 10 X 12 boxes together.  John Cole, (BAMS alumnus) will be delivering 16 cubic yards of topsoil Friday, around 8:30 a.m. UVM Extension is donating limestone for the treatment of our existing soil and the Horticulture class at the TIC is allowing us to borrow a rototiller to break the soil up and mix in the limestone. Sweet Tree Farm is donating 3 truckloads of compost.  Post Oil Solutions has been helping to plan and sponsor the gardens from the beginning.  They have donated $350 for soil and provided much advice and expertise.

Contact: Joe Rivers or by calling BAMS.

Richard Berkfield:


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