Our Schools

The Windham County Farm to School Program is working with interested school staff and families to develop volunteer Farm to School committees in schools throughout the county. Establishing strong community school-based committees is a priority of the WCF2S Program. These school-based committees are essential to the sustainability of the program as these committees:

  • encourage a diverse group of interested community members to meet on-site at each school,
  • feel empowered to act on their ideas to develop school-specific projects and policies, and
  • better collaborate with existing school community organizations such as Parent Teacher Associations (PTAs), School Health Action Committee (SHACs), after-school programs, and student groups.
  • In fact, Farm to School committees may be integrated into existing PTAs and/or SHACs as the school community sees fit. The Program Coordinator and Community Organizers attend the school-based committee meeting to facilitate, share information, or support as needed. Twice a year all school-based Farm to School Committees gather to share ideas, discuss their experience with specific projects, and to celebrate their accomplishments.

Please explore the various school pages for specific projects, updates and events! As our program grows, so will each school’s Farm to School webpage.

Click below to explore our various District’s and schools:


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