Farm Field Trips

Visiting a farm is the best way to learn about food and local agriculture! Students meet farmers in their own community, get hands-on experiences, and are exposed to careers in agriculture. The main obstacle to field trips is funding. Brattleboro Farm to School raises funds through grants and other fundraisers to overcome funding obstacles. Each year students enjoy picking pumpkins, digging potatoes, making maple syrup, touring local dairies and making strawberry shortcake on area farms!

2010 Farm Field Trips

We are happy to announce that we have received and funded ALL 7 Standards-Based Farm Field Trip Applications! There will be a  total of 13 trips, betwen the fall and spring. This includes classes from the  3  Brattleboro Elementary Schools (K-4) and the Brattleboro Union High School (9-12), reaching a total of 249 students!

Take a look at each school’s webpage for farm field trip photos!

Resources for Farmers & Teachers

We hope these resources will help you develop relationships and better orient yourselves to educating students on farms.

Example of our Farm Field Trip Applications

  • Download the application and instructions by clicking here.
  • Strengthen your application by viewing our Farm Field Trip Grant Rubric. Click here.

VT FEED now offers their Farm to School Guide for Connecting Farms to Schools and Communities FREE ONLINE! This guide covers the following topics:

  • Getting Started
  • Connecting to the Classroom
  • Connecting to the Cafeteria
  • Connecting to the Community
  • Activities, including:
  • General Farm Activities
  • Soil Compost & Land Activities
  • Garden & Greenhouse Activities
  • Dairy Activities
  • Poultry Activities
  • Maple Sugaring & Tree Activities
  • Bee & Insect Activities

Field Trip Letters & Farm PR Templates (VT FEED)

Field Trip Information Sheet

Farm Visit Chaperone Letter

Sample Confirmation Letter to School

Confirmation Letter to School Template

Sample Press Release Reporting on an Event

Sample Press Release Announcing an Event


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