Taste Tests in the Cafeteria

Check out this video from Green St.


Why conduct taste tests?

Studies show that children need to try something many times before they begin to like it and eat it. Taste tests are an integral part of our Farm to School Program. Each month, the Harvest of the Month is highlighted in a taste test and served in the school breakfast or lunch. All students participate in the taste test and are surveyed about how they liked it. Before the taste test, the Harvest of the Month is promoted throughout the school in skits for School Sing, student artwork, or morning announcement facts. Students have tried everything from rhubarb in a breakfast coffee cake to Gilfeather turnips in a Harvest Vegetable Soup.

Tips for Taste Testing Fruits & Vegetables in the Cafeteria

Check-out Vermont Food Education Every Day’s NEW  Taste Test Guide for Schools with great tips on how to conduct successful taste tests, including:

  • Step-by-step process for conducting cafeteria or classroom taste tests
  • Taste test case studies
  • Reproducible handouts
  • Fun seasonal food facts
  • Sample surveys for cafeteria & classroom taste tests
  • Sample letter to families with nutritional information and recipe

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