Menu Planning Resources

Looking for ideas and resources for incorporating more local food into your schools’ meals?

Look no further… here are some great resources, designed by chefs for chefs!


USDA Regulations & Policy:

USDA Food & Nutrition Services – Regulations & Policy

Vermont School Meals Hub

School Lunches:

Windham Farm Chef Workshop RecipesAugust 2010-Windham Farm & Food Network

Fresh From the Farm: The Massachusetts Farm to School CookbookMassachusetts Farm to School Project

Rethinking School Lunch Guide Center for EcoLiteracy, California

Recipes & Planning Tools Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution

Menus, Recipes, and GuidanceThe Lunchbox

 Salad Bar Through the Seasons The Lunchbox

Afterschool & Summer Nutrition Programs:

Fresh From the Farm: Using Local Foods in the Afterschool & Summer Nutrition ProgramsAlexis Bylander and Crystal FitzSimons


Additional Tools & Resources:

Guide to Developing a Sustainable Food Purchasing PolicyMatthew Buck

Buying & Selling Local FoodsResource Page – National Farm to School Network

Healthy Kids Meal WheelDeveloped by Chef Ann Cooper and nutritionist Hailey London, RD.


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