Academy School Garden Benefits Local Farm Flood Relief

Academy School Garden benefits local farm flood relief
Orly Hasbani’s 3rd grade class came up with the generous idea to have a mini farmers market to raise money to help our community farmers affected by hurricane Irene’s flooding. This idea came to fruition at Welcome Back Night on September 20th through the joint efforts of students and teachers and a bounty of produce from the school garden. From the charitable donations of all at the event we raised $116.60 for the Vermont Community Foundation’s Farm Disaster Relief Fund. Thank you everyone!

Dear Community Members,

Our school wanted to help people who were affected by the flood. We decided to raise money by selling vegetables from the Academy School Garden. At our farm stand we collected $116.60 by selling green and purple and yellow beans, carrot muffins, peppers, acorn squash, broccoli, chard, tomatoes, celery and flowers. This money will be donated to the Vermont Community Foundation to help farmers in Windham County whose farms were damaged in the flood.

Thanks to all the classes and teachers who helped raise this money.


Orly’s Third Graders

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