Introducing the Veggie of the Month Project!

Please click here to learn more about the NEW Veggie of the Month Project!

This is a collaborative community project to increase the visibility, consumption and purchase of regionally and seasonally available fresh fruits and vegetables at all food access points.

Our strategy is to build a comprehensive, streamlined, collaborative marketing project that develops materials that celebrate and market a specific chosen vegetable every month, one that is in-season, delicious, and locally available. 

We would love for you to join our efforts!

Please visit the website and print, post, email, link to, and share these resources widely!

Be sure to check back on the website each and every month to access each new Veggie’s poster and resources!  Please help us get the word out into the community!

If you are interested in getting more involved, please email or call me. We will be having a meeting of project partners on Thursday, September 15th, 1:00-2:00 at the UVM Extension Conference Room. Please contact me if you’d like to attend the meeting on the 15th. 

Also please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments!

Best regards,

Katherine Gillespie

Program Manager, Windham County Farm to School

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