2012 Kids’ Localvore Challenge

Mark Your Calendars!
October 8-12, 2012 
The 5th Annual Kids’ Localvore Challenge Week in Windham County!

Many area schools are looking forward to participating in the 2012 Kids’ Localvore Challenge from Monday, October 8th to Friday, October 12th. The Kids’ Localvore Challenge is an opportunity for students to take part in learning activities and experiences that highlight the value of food grown and raised in Vermont and nearby states.

Participation in this challenge is optional, but we hope many students with the support of their families will take part!  The Localvore Challenge will work similarly to the March Reading challenge. Participants will set their own goals, keep track of what local foods they eat, and turn their contracts in to their schools at the end, to be entered in a drawing for prizes.

Contact Katherine_Gillespie@wsesu.org for more information.

Below are some documents to help you get a Kids’ Localvore Challenge started at your school:


One Response to 2012 Kids’ Localvore Challenge

  1. This is a wonderful resource for schools. Thank you!

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